9 Things to Do Right After You Say "Yes"

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9 Things to Do Right After You Say “Yes”

It’s the holiday season, surrounded by days full of cheer and joy. And now accompanied by one of the most surprising and exciting days of your life; the day your significant other popped the big question! You’ve posted your selfie, announced the news to all of your friends and family, and now you’re left thinking, “what’s next?” Here are the first 9 things to do to help jump start your wedding day planning. 

  1. Get a Manicure

    Your left hand will be on display for the coming weeks, so be sure to make that ring pop! Spend this time with your fiancé relaxing and enjoying each other before the hectic wedding day planning begins.

  2. Insure Your Ring

    Accidents are unavoidable and they happen. Even though it’s not the most romantic thing to do, insuring your ring is key!

  3. Set a Budget

    Nobody likes talking about money,and as a small business owner even I can’t help feeling awkward when discussing pricing and due dates. A way to play it safe is to avoid booking vendors until you’ve come up with an ideal budget. Find out if you can get any contribution from your parents.

    You could also shift things around if you would rather splurge on one thing over another. For example: one of the best ideas I’ve heard of is a bride splurging on a photographer and saving money on the catering, choosing to order pizza from Russo’s instead.

    Join local groups on Facebook geared towards brides, here is where you’ll usually find vendors offering deals as well as brides selling their stationary from their past wedding.

  4. Create a Guest List

    It’s very important to be on the same page when coming up with the size of the wedding party. Find out which friends should be invited, and which family members should be invited as well. Creating a guest list is a big factor when thinking of wedding venues and catering!

  5. Set a Date

    You’ve probably already been asked about your wedding date from the moment you put on your ring. It’s safe to respond with a month, season, or even year. But, it’s best to come up with a date as soon as possible so you know what date to look for when booking vendors.

  6. Hire Your Wedding Planner

    If you can fit a wedding planner into your budget, it’s best to get one before booking vendors and touring venues. Wedding Planners are excellent when it comes to vendor referrals, finding deals and helping to know what’s best to splurge on when working within a budget, as well as giving insights and recommendations that you would never think of.

  7. Get Inspired

    Start saving photos on Instagram, create a Pinterest board and gather ideas of colors, themes, and moods that you’ll want for your wedding day! Share this inspiration with your bridesmaids, wedding planner, and whoever else is helping you with your planning!

  8. Tour Venues

    Venues tend to book a year in advance, so it’s best to start looking for venues and touring them as soon as possible. Look for venues that will fit nicely with the mood of your wedding!

  9. Have Fun

    The most important part is to have fun. Planning a wedding can be immensely stressful but it’s important to enjoy yourself. “Fiancé” is typically the title that is the shortest so be sure to go on dates and have fun and enjoy it. Go out with the girls and show off that rock!


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Happy Planning!

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Feel free to check out my 2019 Wedding Brochure!