The Wedding Experience

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The Perfect Guide to Help Capturing the Best Shots from Start to Finish

You’ve dreamt about this day since you can remember, you have boards from over a decade ago with Pinterest pins all about this day, but between picking the colors, the stationary, deciding on the perfect timeline, and pulling it all off flawlessly can make getting your groom prepped for an engagement session look easy!

A common thing to hear when couple books you is their urgent cautions reminding you that they’re not models and they don’t know how to pose. Trust me, wowing clients with photos and surprising them on how good they look is the easy part. My ultimate goal is to capture the best photos possible, and I want to make it as enjoyable as possible without you two having to worry about any stress! And this is where The Wedding Experience will come into play. This Experience is exclusively for Matthew Lamar Brides. It will walk you through how to have a picture perfect day. Starting with the engagement session prep, and show you tips and tricks all throughout the wedding day, and finish off with explaining how to download your gallery and order prints of your favorites!

Enjoy some snippets of all the treasures inside the guide!


Table of Contents:

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Engagement Prep

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Everything from helping what to wear, preparing the groom, best times during season, and more.


Timing Tips

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Making sure things go on time can be an absolute struggle! This guide Includes a sample timeline, and sooooo many tips to make sure things run smoothly.


The First Look 👀

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Lets be real, the first look is one of the things that brides look forward to the most (and grooms to, even if they don’t want to admit it!)


Legacy Albums

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We’ve put in so much prep to make sure things go smoothly, and that the day is captured as best as possible. Social media posts are great, but at the end of the day, having an heirloom of your special day is what matter more. Making sure it’s not only beautiful, but also something that lasts for generations to come.


(I like using that kind of ending)

This guide is JAM PACKED with 50+ pages to help ensure your day goes smooth, as well as making sure the photos come out as best as possible. Making sure you have the best experience that I can give you two.